Taking Advantage of Social Signals and Benefiting from SEO

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Google released the Penguin update in 2012 and, for a short while, the Internet business community was in a lot of flux. Most people were afraid of what it might actually mean for them. As a result of the update, the vital nature of social signals became widely accepted. This is mostly about SEO but there are some definite applications to your site–like in terms of your traffic. If you don’t at least acknowledge that this development has occurred, there is no way that your business will survive. Yes, it’s a trend but also one that will not stop increasing. When you are looking for practical applications for social signals (SEO or more general things), these are some of the things that you can do.

If you learn as much as you can about Open Graph, you will be able to use it to gain exposure. This is nothing new, but it came along at the right time and can be used for this purpose. Markup, which is like HTML will have to be applied to your webpage. You can come up with metadata descriptions for your webpage, graphics, and other things. Then it is possible for you to leverage widgets more often for social media. This will add to making your site and pages more social signal friendly. You should try to put up loads of resources so that you are always getting something back.

Social  Engagement

For many years, IM marketers have known that keeping things as simple as possible for visitors is important. You have heard about placing a lot of clicks in the same process, which is otherwise seen as a click stream. The also applies to social media engagement when you utilize different widgets for sharing. This button can be shown as an example of this because you can now get a follow button in no time flat. The user clicks it and immediately they can follow you. Or, they have the option to click the button and like your Facebook page at that particular moment. Engagement is one of the newest words. And there is social engagement and engaging your users or site visitors.


Putting SEO on your webpage can be done in all types of ways. First, your homepage and Facebook can be linked together. This is just for starters. Then there is the option to add on plugins such as Fan Box. You’ll need to generate or influence engagement to social media. If you are using Facebook, this is most like already a part of your plan. Utilize your social media accounts to brand your website. You could brand your domain or other things. Anything that has social-related components has to be taken into account and then optimized for maximum ease of use. Just because it is optimized does not mean the exact things that are done for SEO.

Getting the social signal aspect in place is not the difficult portion of it. What makes them get used is your content and all the various forms of site optimization. SEO is not the only thing that will benefit. But you want to optimize for SEO if you haven’t yet. But, do as much as you an without being penalized by Google.