Important Information About Windows vs. Mac OS

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Some people prefer Windows to Mac OS and others have the opposite opinion, but both systems have their advantages. Both are always upgrading their OSes. Mac’s most recent operating system is Lion and Windows users are anxiously awaiting the impending release of Windows 8. In the following paragraphs we are going to compare some of the major advantages to both of these operating systems.

Windows is a bad choice for your operating system, if security is a big issue with you. If you are a Windows user, then you already know about computer viruses. This is largely because more people use Windows, but whatever the reason, you are much less vulnerable on a Mac. Malware and spyware are similar to viruses, and the results for Windows users is also similar. You will more than likely have to spend time and money to get anti-virus software, and keep it updated, if your new computer has Windows OS.

Of course, even if you have a Mac you should take precautions, but the threats will be far fewer. Lots of security issues happen, because of your own actions, so watch out for scam artists and hackers, and keep your personal information protected. The best protected computer will fail if you take your common sense, and throw it away. Many useful software programs come already installed on any new Mac computer you purchase. iDVD, iPhoto, iMovie and iWeb are all part of iLife, which comes with your Mac computer. These programs give you the ability to edit, organize and share photos, videos and audio files. You don’t really get that much with Windows, when it comes to software. If you read the fine print, you will notice that a lot of software you are getting are free trials, so you are not getting all of the software you think you are. After a month or so, you’ll have to pay to keep many of these programs. You should definitely expect this, if your PC is low-priced. So this is something to consider when you compare the price of a Mac to a PC.

Often the differences are exaggerated by the users of either system, trying to make theirs out to be better than it really is. When you couldn’t find hardware or software that worked with both system, then there was a big difference in the computers Most devices that you find today, can be hooked up to a Mac or a PC and both can be worked by versions of software. Furthermore, if you have a modern Mac, it can also run Windows. For most computer users, you will be able to do anything you need to do, with either computer, but there are still a few specialized areas, which makes one superior to the other.

There are some very important differences between Windows and Mac, and now you know some of them. If you watch a lot of movies, or spend time chatting online, or other everyday tasks, having a good PC or a Mac will do everything you need. You now know the differences, so when you compare the designs, features and prices, all that is left is to make a choice.