How to Unleash the SEO Power of WordPress

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Even with a plethora of blogging platforms to choose from, WordPress is still the platform of preference for many. But what does WordPress’ CMS offer that others do not? First off, it’s extremely helpful when creating a website that makes a difference. Another plus is how simply it is applied. Thirdly, if you are looking for that special something that will give you the upper hand in drawing visitors to your website, you need look no further than WordPress. The features which accompany WordPress will amplify your ranking within search engines by themselves, but this depends on your ability to completely use WordPress SEO to its maximum potential.

Your WordPress blog has certain settings that need to be toggled in order to get the most out of what it can do for you. In order to get top rankings with major search engines, such as Google, you need to make getting these details right a priority. This article will explore the best manner in which to use WordPress SEO to get that lovely, free traffic that everyone wants: organic traffic.

Whenever you utilize WordPress, you must place highly relevant keywords into each and every posting’s title. This is critical, but specifically chosen keywords must also be woven into the content of your postings. Another important thing to remember, is to use unique titles, because if you repeat titles, the search engines may be confused over which title they should rank. Find a group of related keywords and make a list of them, so that you can use them in various titles as you create the articles.

Make sure that your titles are interesting to read, as well as having all the related keywords you want to include. The reason for this is because it’s your title that a visitor will be seeing first, before they come to your site. Having keywords in your title will become even more important if your plan is to have some snippets on your blog’s main page as well. That means you’ll want to keep your titles short, eye-catching, and definitely relevant to that person who is searching for that particular topic. Make sure that the first couple words of your title are appealing. When it comes down to it, you want to make sure that your content appeals to both readers of your site as well as the search engines.

Using a sitemap is one simple way to get indexed on search engines like Google. There is actually a plugin that will generate a Google Sitemap specifically for this reason, and it will help you quickly become indexed. It basically helps Google discover all the pages on your site. Also, whenever you write a new post, ping that post to an assortment of sites. This alerts the sites that there is a fresh posting on your site. It makes sure that those new posts get onto various websites. If the post gets linked back by other bloggers/webmasters you will get some targeted backlinks and it will give you some targeted exposure. So take advantage of that. Whenever you post, ping immediately afterward.

The permalinnks used in your blog must be personally tailored when utilizing WordPress. The reason you need to do this is that the default structure that comes with WordPress is based on numbers/question marks so your post title needs to go directly to its URL. In altering the internal settings permalink structure, you will be able to achieve this result. If you avoid making these changes, your search engine rankings will get affected. You’ll receive a lot of benefit down the road by making these quick and effective changes from the very beginning.